New 'Weird Al' Song Continues Proud Tradition Of Songs About Web Sites

Early this morning, "Weird Al" Yankovic dropped his latest single and video, a Doors-esque homage to Craigslist called, um, "Craigslist." It's not the first time in his career that Yankovic has written a song about a Web site — he had a minor hit in 1999 with "Ebay," which borrowed its tune from Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way." It's not bad by any stretch of the imagination, and the video is especially impressive (Yankovic makes a surprisingly convincing Jim Morrison doppelganger). Yankovic is a self-described "pop satirist," and making fun of the Internet is sort of his job. But there are plenty of songs out there (many of them excellent) that pay tribute to various stops on the information superhighway. So while you're doing your morning cyber-cruising, check out this "Odes to Online" playlist.

» "Google Me" - Teyana Taylor: In Taylor's world, presence on Google equals social and cultural legitimacy. "I'm a celebrity/Go ahead and Google me," she croons in the chorus. The big question: Will she do a remix devoted to Bing?

» "Internet Going Nutz" - Paul Wall: You'd think the Houston MC would give a shout-out to all the hip-hop sites that endorsed him early in his career, but all he really wants to rap about is talking dirty in chat rooms.

» "You Get Mad at Napster" - Princess Superstar: This rapper, a protégé of Kool Keith, lays down the truth for her MC boyfriend: The reason why his isn't making it big has nothing to do with Internet pirates — it's because his rhymes aren't any good.

» "MySpace Freak" - C-Side: There's a strange disconnect on this tune. On the one hand, these guys are ballers. On the other hand, they sometimes troll MySpace for hours at a time looking for scantily clad women.

» "AOL" - Sister Soleil: This track is from 1998, a time when everybody had an America Online account via dial-up. Sister Soleil half-raps about getting "your little message on AOL," a break-up ploy that was pretty novel more than a decade ago.

» "Chicks on MySpace" - Bishop Lamont: This is an amazing song. Not only does Lamont have war stories about drugs, but has also hooked up with many women via a social networking site. If everybody is scoring high-tech hookups, who will fill the strip clubs?