Heidi And Spencer Test Al Roker's Patience On 'Today'

This morning, Heidi and Spencer Pratt made the latest stop on their post-"I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" tour, paying a visit to Al Roker on 'Today.' Roker, not known for his hard-charging interview style, took the couple to task for their performances on the show.

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The couple seemed as disoriented as they were on the show: Spencer seems confused whether or not he talks to his sister and swears he doesn't want to be a villain (except when he does), and the couple claim they never talked about torture. When asked if she was proud of her performance on the show, Heidi said, "I'm not ashamed." Roker sounded genuinely exasperated with the couple, but then again he's usually wishing old ladies happy birthday and not talking to reality show contestants. When asked what was next for the much-maligned couple, Spencer simply responded, "We live in the moment."