Tool Frontman’s Wine Documentary Will Not Be As Intense As ‘Schism’

Maynard James Keenan has worn a lot of hats: Tool frontman, singer for A Perfect Circle, occasional sketch comedy actor. (Sometimes he doesn’t even wear a hat and opts for a Kabuki mask and a bra.) Most recently, he’s spent time as the owner and mastermind behind Stronghold Vineyards, a winery in the Arizona desert he set up a few years ago. The vineyard is the subject of a new documentary called “Blood Into Wine: The Arizona Stronghold”, whose trailer just hit the Web. The documentary features a lot of interviews and tours with Keenan and business partner Eric Glomski, where they will probably explain just how you plant grapes in the middle of a desert.


Keenan is one of rock’s most wonderful enigmas, and the juxtaposition between his health-consciousness (he also owns an organic produce market) and his musical output (the droning prog-metal of Tool, the moody goth of A Perfect Circle, the cheeky faux-funk project Puscifer) has always been pretty jarring. Keenan is no stranger to film, either — the Tool videos are especially intense. The documentary has created some buzz, but really it just gives us an excuse to post the clip to “Schism,” from the 2001 album Lateralus, directed (as all the videos are) by guitarist Adam Jones. If the clip gives you nightmares, just remember you can chase those away with Keenan’s wine.


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