T-Pain And Taylor Swift: A Match Made … For The CMT Awards?!

By Eric Ditzian

Okay, so check out that picture below of T-Pain and Taylor Swift. It is so undeniably spellbinding that my gut instinct is to simply tell you to stare at it and just walk away. But of course you’re going to want details, so here you go: The photo comes from a rehearsal for the 2009 Country Music Television awards show in Nashville.

As you can see, the hip-hop star has introduced the country music star to the glories of hot cars, grillz and newly-minted big-ass chains. But what exactly is this unlikely duo rehearsing? Desperate for answers, I put in a call to CMT — which, like MTV, is owned by Viacom — hoping for insight.

As expected, the details are being closely guarded. All I was able to learn was that T-Pain and Swift’s collaboration is rumored to take place during the show’s opening segment.

But are they performing together? Have they collaborated on something new or will Swift croon the Lil Wayne verse of “Can’t Believe It”? Will this be a pre-taped bit or will they appear together on stage? Alas, the answers to these questions — as well as whether Swift will win score on any of her four nominations — will have to wait until the CMT Music Awards air on Tuesday, June 16.