Minnesota Governor Says Republican Party Should Act Like Eminem After Brüno Incident

It’s been more than a week since Sacha Baron Cohen (as Brüno) dropped in on Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards, but the aftershocks continue! In a speech to the College Republican National Committee, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty said that the GOP should take a cue from Slim Shady and get mad. According to the New York Times, the Governor was referencing NBC’s recent documentary “Inside the White House” when he said,

“I haven’t seen something that staged since that half-naked Austrian fell onto the face of Eminem at the MTV music awards” (of course, the incident actually happened at the Movie Awards). He continued, “Eminem was mad. And so, just like Eminem getting dumped on, we’ve got to kind of regroup. We’ve got to continue to fight.”

The Governor apparently wasn’t completely up on his facts, as Eminem admitted last week that he was in on the stunt, and his reaction was merely a case of excellent acting. Even so, it’s an unusual event to use to stir your political party! After all, if the GOP follows Mr. Mathers’ lead, there will be a lot of storming out of Congress with bodyguards in tow …

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