Britney Spears Gets Remixes, Mixed Reviews For London Circus Stop

Britney Spears has taken her Circus across the pond and kicked off the European leg of her tour Wednesday night at London's O2 Arena. But instead of just bringing over the same tour she had Stateside, the singer has some new song remixes of old favorites and some new looks as well.


According to her Web site some of the remixed tracks include "Baby One More Time," "Do Something," "Piece of Me," "I'm a Slave 4 U" and "Womanizer." After the show, Britney Tweeted excitedly, "Just wrapped my first show in London. I love all the remixed tracks and new costumes!"

Although we're sure Spears' loyal fans loved the show, the same can't be said of some of her critics. The reviews are in, and some professional concertgoers described it as dull. The Sun said of Brit's performance, "Madonna is twice her age and does double the dancing."

Meanwhile, the Guardian made this point about the show: "It's not really about music, it's about gossip. ... Certainly there are moments when Spears could no more obviously be miming were she wearing white-face makeup and pretending to walk against the wind."

But the reviews weren't all bad. The Daily Mail said the performance was "relentlessly high octane and superbly choreographed," adding that the show is part of Britney's "remarkable comeback."

"[Y]ou don't come to see Spears for live, sweaty, musical grit and authenticity," the Daily Telegraph's reviewer wrote. "She is the queen of production line pop and reclaims that diamanté crown with the most perfectly plastic pop show ever staged." And we guess that's a good thing.