Sway Puts The New Crop Of MTV News Interns To Work Immediately

By MTV News interns

The first day at any new job can be a little stressful, but for the seven new MTV News interns, the first day far surpassed our expectations. In the midst of getting lost in the hallways and learning how to dub tapes, we were able to meet an MTV correspondent, Sway Calloway. A few of us were able to talk to Sway and get some advice for the upcoming semester at MTV News. Sway advised us to take advantage of our internship and ask as many questions as we can while working here.

Shortly after our meeting, Sway called us over to watch him film a stand-up. After a few takes, we were surprised when he asked us to take his place and read from the Teleprompter. He told us to "act like the camera is an old friend," and encouraged us to present ourselves in our own individual ways. We were more than excited to stand in front of an MTV camera and, after some motivation from Sway, we left the impromptu shoot with more confidence and a better understanding of what it's like to be an MTV News correspondent.

While back at the news desk, we are all feeling out the terrain and looking forward to more exciting experiences in the coming months. Watch out for more updates from the new summer 2009 interns.

Ayana Allen - UNC Chapel Hill

Sandra Segura - Howard University

Haley Murphy - University of Georgia

Selina Kaye - Buffalo State College

Christa Ruggiero - University of Miami

Ben Hockin - Rutgers University

Jett Wells –Syracuse University