Five Other Celebs Brüno Should Have Landed On

BrunoBrüno's bare-assed crash landing on Eminem has already become one of the most talked-about moments in MTV Movie Awards history (for non-Twilighters, I suppose). But it also made us think, was Em really the best person in the audience the Austrian fashion reporter could have chosen?

Here are five celebs we would love to have seen in a compromising position courtesy of Brüno:

5. Doug Reinhardt

Because then something interesting would have happened in the life of Paris Hilton's boyfriend.

4. Kristen Stewart

The self-professed super-awkward, trophy-dropping actress' reaction would have been priceless. And by priceless, I mean completely disinterested, except when she managed to tangle herself in the cable and then accidentally take off into the air like a villain caught by Batman. Besides, who wouldn't love to see another RPattz LOL reaction shot?

3. Ben Stiller

He needed something to distract us from that haircut of his, and Kiefer Sutherland's weeping wasn't enough.

2. Megan Fox

Hell, the look on her face already suggested she was smelling poop that night.

1. Abigail Breslin

OK, this crosses many lines of appropriateness, but we would love to see the New York Post headline the next day: "Little Miss Moonshine."


Who would you have liked to see get a butt in the face Sunday night? Or was Eminem the perfect target? Leave your comments below.