MTV's Awards-Show Male-Butt Trend Rears Its Ugly Head Again With Andy Samberg, Brüno

There are a few things you can count on when MTV revs up the awards-show machine: The music will be hot, and the set will flash and buzz like a neon A-bomb, for instance. Now, it's starting to look like there's a good chance you're going to get a glimpse of some guy's rear end.

Sunday night's Movie Awards served up the rare double-shot of man butt. Host Andy Samberg opened the show by treating pal Justin Timberlake to a shot at his back door (as well as junk that, according to JT looks like "Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas"). A short time later, we got an unexpected view of Brüno as he dangled his bits in front of Eminem.

Those surprise bare-bottom cameos brought to mind four incidents of butt reveals at MTV shows in the early '90s. At the 1992 VMAs, Howard Stern dressed as flatulent not-so-superhero Fartman and bared his flabby, hairy backside. Curiously, like Brüno, Stern also descended from the rafters on a wire — in his case to interrupt an acceptance speech by Metallica.


A year earlier at the 1991 Video Music Awards, when Prince, wearing a canary-yellow jumpsuit, performed his single "Gett Off" with the New Power Generation band. He capped things off by turning around to reveal that his pants were actually chaps.

And who could forget (as much as we've tried) the sight of Marilyn Manson's pasty white cheeks bobbing across the stage while he performed "Beautiful People" at the 1997 VMAs? After stripping off his long black coat, the singer treated the crowd to the sight of his nearly naked body sheathed in just a leather bustier, fishnets and a man thong. Then, the next year, he did it again, wearing a prosthetic butt for "The Dope Show." (Frankly, his girlfriend at the time, Rose MacGowan, turned even more heads with her notorious butt-bearing see-through dress.) Just don't get us started on Manson's fake white moobs. That's for another blog.