Halle Berry And Jamie Foxx Get Steamy At Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards

By Jayson Rodriguez

Jamie Foxx has won an Oscar and he's been nominated for several Grammys, but for some of the boys over here at 1515 Broadway, his crowning achievement at an awards show came over the weekend during Spike TV's Guys Choice shindig.

The "Ray" star and Halle Berry shocked many by tongue-wrestling during a moment that was as confusing as it was steamy.

Foxx presented Berry with an award (really, does it matter what it was for when you look at that pic?) and the "Catwoman" vixen was reeeeallllly appreciative. Recalling the time exuberant Adrien Brody won Best Actor at the Academy Awards and planted one on Berry, this time she was the one who puckered up, laying a dazzling kiss on Foxx that left the comedian, ahem, grabbing for more of Berry. She seemed to have a handful herself during the lip-lock.

At press time, there was no word on whether the two dated in the past, whether the smooch was planned or whether Berry (who is currently in a relationship with model Gabriel Aubry, the father of her child) just wanted to make good TV.