MTV Movie Awards Red-Carpet Rehearsals Are Under Way!

It’s the day leading up to the MTV Movie Awards, and right now feels like the calm before the storm. I’m sitting here on the side of the red carpet, which is currently empty, except for the crew who are getting ready to rehearse the big preshow. It’s amazing to witness the transformation. In just a few hours from now, this carpet will be packed shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the biggest celebs in the world: Megan Fox, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Miley Cyrus, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Shia LaBeouf and, of course, Brüno (Sacha Baron Cohen’s newest character). Tonight is going to be a lot of fun to watch.

Inside, the producers of the main show are hard at work putting the finishing touches to tonight’s big performances by Kings of Leon and Eminem, not to mention our host, Andy Samberg, who I promise you will have everyone in stitches.

Late last night, Eminem took to the stage for his rehearsal, and even though he’s been away for four years, there’s no doubt EMINEM IS BACK! I don’t want to spoil it for you, but expect a really special performance and a little bit extra. That’s all I’ll say.

Then even later last night, Kings of Leon ran through their stunning performance of “Use Somebody.” This will be the first time the guys are performing live on MTV, and despite having played at countless big festivals and concerts, they’re a little nervous about performing in front of such a celeb-packed audience. But with a song as good as “Use Somebody,” I don’t think they’ve got anything to worry about, especially considering their friend Zac Efron will be sitting front and centre. Apparently, many years ago before Zac signed on for “High School Musical,” the band was throwing a party in their hotel room. They had run to the corner store to pick up beer, and when they had difficulty carrying the crates up to their room, a then-unknown Zac Eforn and his buddy passed by and offered them a hand. Kings of Leon didn’t remember the story until Zac came up to them later at an event and reminded them. They’ve been friends ever since. Good story, right?

Dan and Jessi from “The Hills: After Show” are standing in front of me, getting ready to interview the cast of “The Hills” before the big season finale that airs tonight, right before the MTV Movie Awards.

It’s certainly not the first MTV red-carpet experience for MTV Legend Sway Calloway. He’s here as well (he says, “What’s up?”), running through his lines. It’s always great to see Sway at work, because he is always at ease. Never stressed or nervous, he’s taking this year’s Movie Awards as he does all the others — in his stride! Sway, who’s not the biggest fan of wearing a suit, rocks the red carpet with style every year. But this year, after a little coaxing from me, we’ve got him wearing a full suit, so, ladies, you have been warned!

I got to run and start my own rehearsals, so wish me luck. Have fun tonight!