Smile, Susan Boyle -- Harry Connick Jr. Is A Fan!

By Kathleen Newman-Bremang

Susan Boyle may be having a rough time dealing with her instant fame lately, but we've got something that is sure to cheer up everyone's favorite Scottish sweetheart. Harry Connick Jr is the latest celeb to catch Susan Boyle fever. Yes, the jazz crooner (or Grace's husband on "Will & Grace," if you prefer) told MTV News that he's a fan of the "Britain's Got Talent" contestant.

When we caught up with Connick last night at an event honoring British brand Burberry, the star told us he's watched the instant Internet star online.

"I just heard her sing that one song," he said. "Somebody sent me a link to her on YouTube singing it, and she was great."


Connick confessed that he hasn't been keeping up with Boyle's every move like the rest of America (and, of course, Britain), but he seemed pretty impressed.

"I haven't been following the whole story, so I don't know much about her, but she sounds great!" he gushed.

Before we had the chance to find out if there will be a Harry/Susan duet in the near future, the star was whisked off by his publicist. So, it was short was sweet but if you're watching this, Susan, cheer up! Not everyone can say they have an Emmy- and Grammy-winning actor/musician as a fan. Plus, Harry's pretty dreamy in person. We're sure his smile could calm even Boyle's nerves.