In Defense Of Susan Boyle

By Eric Ditzian

Susan! Susan, are you OK? Everyone seems so worried about you. The Associated Press tells me that "Britain and the YouTube-watching world is fretting over the pressure being piled" on you and your lovely voice. "God knows how poor Susan is feeling," wrote "Britain's Got Talent" judge Piers Morgan in a fit of high-horse condescension. Now I hear you've been shunted off to a "safe house" just days before you're set to take the stage for your final performance.

But I'm not worried about Susan Boyle. I know the Scottish singer is going to be fine. Why? Because I'm not buying any of this Susan Boyle meltdown mumbo-jumbo. Tabloid reports of an expletive-laced tirade need to be taken with a grain of salt. Folks like Morgan who purport to speak on her behalf need to be ignored. And wouldn't you hole up in a safe, quiet space before the biggest night of your life? All this noise surrounding Boyle is just par for the celebrity course, whether we're talking about overnight sensations or longtime Hollywood starlets.


But it's not just my inherent media skepticism that has me thinking Boyle's going to be OK for her final performance, and beyond. It's statements like this one, aired during last weekend's semi-final show: "All my life, I've always striven to prove myself, that I can be accepted, that I'm not the worthless person that people think I am, that I do have something to offer," she said.

Boyle apparently has spent her entire life being ignored, rejected, laughed at — and so is well practiced. The only difference now is that the contempt is coming from around the world, not just from folks in her town. She'll adjust. She may not win "BGT," but she's likely to have a successful career in the years to come. That's what happens when you become a household name. Just wait for the debut album, the memoir, the TV movie. If anything, YouTube-watching world, we should be jealous, not worried. Because Susan Boyle is going to be just fine.