‘Twilight’ Director Catherine Hardwicke Invites Us Over To Talk Movie Awards

Hi, Twilighters! Today, I had the great pleasure of spending the day at the home of “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke. She has a beautiful place a stone’s throw away from the world-famous Venice Beach, and we paid her a visit to talk about her film’s seven nominations at the MTV Movie Awards and relive the first time Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson met.

It was a great day of filming, and believe me: “Twilight” fans are not going to want to miss any of this!

We talked about the first “chemistry screen test” between Kristen and Rob. Kristen had to act out a scene with five different potential Edwards, one after another, with Catherine deciding that Robert was “the one” the first time the two kissed — which, as all Twilighters know, happened in Catherine’s bedroom.

That all led up to the scene that is now a favourite to win Best Kiss at this Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards. Apparently, both actors were nervous — so nervous that Rob actually fell off the bed during the audition. But then, once he was in the rhythm of things, Catherine actually had to remind Robert that the film was PG-13 as he was getting a little too … well, you can use your imagination.

Talking about the Best Fight nomination for “Twilight” was very interesting. As you know, the fight scene between Edward and James wasn’t actually written in the book — Bella just wakes up in the hospital — so for this, Catherine was able to completely conjure up the scene. She pulled out all the storyboards and talked us through the anatomy of the scene and how both actors prepared mentally and physically for the roles. With a small budget, she even resorted to using a combination of string cheese and chicken for the torn bits of flesh.

Then we saw her personal shrine to “Twilight” — one of the best “Twilight” collections. She has the original script and the first “Twilight” book she bought, complete with all her notes and alternate lines for Edward’s “Hold on tight, spider monkey.” (Robert chose that one after reading 10 alternative lines that Catherine wrote the night before, including “Wrap your legs around me and hold on tight, spider monkey” and “Fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”) It was nice to see that Catherine also keeps her fan mail and gifts that Twilighters send her. The best ones make it into the shrine.

Another great moment was seeing the words to Paramore’s “Decode” written out by frontwoman Hayley Williams herself. When Hayley first played Catherine the song, the director thought the song gave away too much of the story. Hayley wrote it out so Catherine could really look at the words — apparently it all worked out, because now “Decode” is nominated for Best Song at the Movie Awards.

Thanks so much, Catherine (and team), for such a great day. You’re a gem!

For more photos from Tim’s visit to Catherine Hardwicke’s house, click here.

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