MTV Movie Awards Host Andy Samberg Leaves Sway Crying With Laughter

I was always told that it’s good to cry, because it helps to release a lot of built-up emotions. It makes it even more gratifying when you cry because you’re laughing so hard.


That happened today when I talked to Andy Samberg as he prepares for his hosting gig for the MTV Movie Awards. We met up at the back of the Gibson Amphitheatre on the Universal Studios lot. This is the area where the limos pick up the stars when the show is over. There is also a patio where the stars come to mingle and do press when the festivities end.

When I first walked in, Andy and I howled out each other’s names, and from that point, I was in stitches. He had some great suggestions for the Movie Awards, including emptying the Golden Popcorn trophy and making it into a pimp cup. He then exposed his belly hairs and discussed getting a Brazilian wax spelling out my name. And when we talked about who would win the fictional Most Desirable Male award, he said Robert Pattinson would probably come out on top but his loyalty was to Zac Efron.

Off camera, we enjoyed a lot of conversation about hip-hop. He’s really into Wale, Kid Cudi, Young Jeezy and Eminem, who will hit the Movie Awards stage Sunday. He asked what new artists to look for, and I suggested he check out Drake. We also shared our views on the evolution of Bay Area hip-hop, being that we both grew up in the Bay.

There were a few risqué jokes that I can’t mention, but all in all, I think that this dude is ready for Sunday. Andy told me he actually wrote for Lindsay Lohan and Jimmy Fallon when they hosted the Movie Awards in past years, and now it’s his time to shine. It’s one of the hardest gigs in television, but I think he will manage fine. Throughout the entire interview, I held back tears of laughter.

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