Pretty Ricky's Spectacular Challenges Chris Brown, Bow Wow To 'Grinding Challenge'

By Kathleen Newman-Bremang

Pretty RickyR&B combo Pretty Ricky are pretty renowned for their shamelessness, but their latest video just might take the (beef) cake. In what appears to be a shameless plug for the group's new single "Tipsy in Dis Club," band member Spectacular has released a viral challenge to his musically inclined peers — and he forgot his clothes.

Spectacular put on his best barely-there red undies (and nothing else) to call out pretty much every young R&B star in what he's pegged the "Tipsy in Dis Club Challenge."

"This right here is a challenge to all them boys who be grinding out there," Spectacular says in the video. "I want to know [who's] number one!" He then name-checks Bow Wow, Chris Brown, Omarion, Trey Songz and Day26, and promises he can wiggle his midsection better then all of the above.

Channeling his inner "Risky Business"-era Tom Cruise and hailing his band as the "kings of the grind," Spectacular goes on to move his hips in ways that would make Shakira proud — or jealous. Seriously, homeboy can wind and grind with the best of them. But combined with the minimal clothing, let's just say there's a little more air-humping than we're comfortable with — certainly more than we're willing to link to here — but it shouldn't be hard to find ... if you dare!