Kris Allen Says 'American Idol In 60 Seconds' Is 'The Funniest Thing Ever'

Kris Allen loves my "American Idol" recaps. And when he informed me of this backstage at the American Idol" finale, I think my reaction was bigger than when he was crowned the new Idol.

This is my third year doing "American Idol in 60 Seconds," and the third finale I've attended. Since every media outlet and their mother covers "Idol" in some capacity, I never expect my silly video recaps to burst through all the noise. Plus, I always assumed "Idol" contestants avoided the Internet like the swine flu while they were on the show, since so many bloggers are gainfully employed to take dumps on "Idol" singers week to week.

In other words, I never expected any of the Idols to recognize me.

So, when Kris said my name and acted like he knew who I was, as you could imagine, I became quite flabbergasted. (The words "Holy crap!" flew out of my mouth as many times as Kara says "artistry!")

Funny thing is, on the red carpet before the show, when Adam and Kris were whisked over to speak to the crew from "Ellen" (the only outlet they gave an interview to there, oddly enough), Kris stopped to shake my hand like we were buddies. I just figured he thought I was the "Ellen" producer (we were standing next to their crew on the carpet). Or maybe he dug my "TEAM KRADAM" custom T.

And then he said it: " 'American Idol in 60 Seconds' is the funniest thing ever."


Kris Allen likes my work. Scratch that. OUR NEW AMERICAN IDOL likes my work. And if the American Idol endorses my recaps, then, by golly, you should watch them and send them to all your friends, whether they're in the Allen Nation or they're Glamberts.