Rest Easy, 50 Cent And Bette Midler Are Not Beefing

By Rachel Josue

We see all kinds of strange pairings when celebrities from one world collide with stars from another, creating photo-op gold for the frenzied paparazzi. Here's a pairing I was surprised to see hit the wires this morning: Bette Midler and 50 Cent had their arms around each other at the eighth annual spring picnic for Bette Midler's New York Restoration Project at New York's New Leaf restaurant.

Now, it turns out this is actually the second collaboration for this unexpected pair — six months ago, they opened a community garden together in Queens at another NYRP event. Philanthropy: It breeds togetherness.

But this is more than a pairing I never thought I'd see so buddy-buddy, because that would have meant I would have imagined it in the first place. So, here you have it, folks — photographic evidence that the friendship is real and going strong:

I'm looking forward to the next logical step: Bette Midler singing the hook on a 50 track.