The 'Glambertization' Process In Action, By Tim Kash

In honor of the "American Idol" finale tonight, we decided to celebrate the occasion at the expense of one of our production assistants, Joel.

You see, Joel looks a little like "Idol" finalist Adam Lambert, and that gave us an idea. So we took Joel for a complete Adam Lambert makeover — we GLAMBERTIZED him, if you will.

First, he needed to get the look. After trying on a couple of different Adam Lambert-esque outfits (basically a lot of black pleather, laces, chains, vests and tight jeans), we finally decided on his Adam Lambert look. And boy, was it special!

So dressed in tight pleather trousers with laces up the side, a black T-shirt and jacket complete with chains around his neck and waist, it was time for the next stage!

Now it has to be said, Joel is a good sport. Not only did we dress him up like an effeminate biker cowboy and make him walk around the streets of New York, but the next step of the makeover was a painful one.

Joel has a lot of hair, so after applying tons of eye makeup to achieve that Adam Lambert rock and roll look, it was time for a small Ukrainian lady to wax his eyebrows. Joel took it like a man (well, as much of a man as possible, considering he was in full-on makeup and about to have his eyebrows waxed), and laid down as the lady dabbed hot wax on his eyebrows. Then, with no warning whatsoever, she ripped off the corner of Joel's eyebrows, leaving him looking a little sore. I must admit, I was kind of hoping for her to do more, but they all wanted to keep it looking "natural."

So with his new eyebrows, a ton of eyeliner (which he still had on hours later) and the pleather pants, it was time to unveil the all-new Joel to the public. What happened? Check it out!