We Know Why Anthony Hopkins Was At The 'American Idol' Finale

By Eric Ditzian

Sir Anthony Hopkins: Oscar-winning actor. Knight of the British Empire. "American Idol" fanatic.

Joining ex-"Idol" contestants and Katie Holmes and her daughter, Suri, at Tuesday night's Adam Lambert/ Kris Allen sing-off was the 71-year-old Hopkins. His attendance may be a surprise to some, but Hopkins has long been a devotee of the reality show.

"We watch 'American Idol.' We are 'American Idol' addicts," Hopkins told MTV News at this year's Oscars. "Simon [is my favorite judge] because he's so brutally honest. There's no political correctness with him. He says it as it is."

In fact, the man who portrayed psychopathic cannibal Hannibal Lecter is such a Cowell fan that he proclaimed his readiness to play him if an "Idol" movie ever managed to make it to the big screen. To prove his ability to portray the brusque judge (never mind the more than 20-year age difference between the two men), Hopkins offered up his best Cowell-esque "Rubbish!" right on the red carpet.


Judge Randy Jackson quickly got onboard with Hopkins' idea. "I'm a huge Anthony Hopkins fan. 'Fava beans!' Let's do it," Jackson told MTV News, before doing his own dream casting. "I'm not gonna say this, but it's been said that I resemble Will Smith meets Denzel Washington, so ..."