I Graduated From College And Celebrated With Green Day

By Melanie Wolfson

Monday afternoon, I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Rutgers University. And then I booked it to Webster Hall.

See, Green Day were playing a (semi) secret show there, and luckily, my family understood that seeing Green Day could not wait ... and a celebratory post-grad dinner could.

Having had the opportunity to meet the guys just last Friday when I tagged along to an interview, I was extremely excited to see Green Day put their words into action as they played a good chunk of 21st Century Breakdown, which I have had on constant rotation since it came out five days ago.

Plus, the last time I saw Green Day perform, it was at Giants Stadium, a venue that holds thousands upon thousands of people. So, getting the chance to see them in a room with no more than a couple of thousand people was um, mind-blowing.

My friend Erin and I clinched spots up front to the left of the stage, where Billie Joe and Mike made frequent visits. I joined in with everyone else, singing and dancing and getting a high from the insane amount of energy in the room. Every so often I paused to think that I had been in my cap and gown just hours before, and that if Green Day were to play “Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)” I would have completely lost it. For better or worse, they didn’t.

My favorite moments from the show were when the guys played “King For a Day” and “21 Guns.” One old and one spankin’ new, both are up there on my list of favorite songs. Or when a fan made his way onto the stage and caught Billie Joe by surprise with a kiss, sang a chorus of “Longview” then dove back into the audience. I doubt I was alone in living through the guy’s five minutes of fame.

Needless to say, my night was unforgettable. Seeing Green Day at Webster Hall on the night I graduated from college is a memory that I'll have forever. The way I see it, the night was one big party -- part in celebration of Green Day’s new album, and more personally, my 21st century beginning in the "real world."

Not a bad way to end four years of hard work, huh? And, I still have a free dinner coming my way.