Getting Glambertized: One MTV Newser Gets An Adam Lambert Makeover

By Joel HanekJim Cantiello

There is a reason Adam Lambert is Adam Lambert. His voice is amazing, of course, but that isn't the only thing that got him to the "American Idol" finale. He's got the persona, the charisma, the charm and the look. To many, he already is a rock star, whether he wins or not.

As for me, well, sometimes I wear sweater vests, I enjoy a nice cup of coffee, and I like to read blogs with cute animal pictures — so, I'm not really a rock star. I can't really be Adam Lambert, but I could try to look like him — that's the easy part, right? My style is more akin to Taylor Hicks than Adam Lambert, and I needed to get with the times! So yesterday morning, I took a break from my duties of being an MTV News production assistant and had the surreal experience of having cameras in my dressing room as I got glambertized (glambertized, for those who don't know, is the process of becoming as glamorous as Adam Lambert).

See video of the transformation process after the jump!

After trying on several outfits and settling on the most uncomfortable combination of pleather pants and heavy chains, I had my Adam Lambert garb ready to go — all I needed now was the look. My face experienced a plethora of new and uncomfortable sensations: pencils prodding at my eyeballs, hot wax on the perimeter of my eyebrows and the smell of hair frying under a flatiron.

After it was all done, I was finally allowed to see my transformation. (Check out pics from my “glambertization” here.) I could not stop looking at myself — I was looking in the mirror more than Tim Kash does. Did I look like Adam Lambert? Well, I think the style reminded me of quite a few celebrities — somewhere between Adam Lambert, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong and Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz — but mostly, I think I looked awkward.

The whole experience was a blast, but as for the look? Well, it's not for me. Besides, it's just hair and makeup, and that doesn't define me nor does it define Adam Lambert. It's all in good fun. I just hope next time they let me get a makeover into Susan Boyle — that would be a first.

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