Busta Rhymes Proves He's One Still Of Hip-Hop's Best Live Performers

Busta RhymesI've written about Busta Rhymes shows in the past. You've read my praise of his and Spliff Star's showmanship time and time again. I always throw in there that he's one of the greatest, if not the greatest, pure live performer in hip-hop ever.

The energy doesn't stop. They make you jump, scream, dance ... everything a commanding MC is supposed to do. The greatest thing about Mr. Rhymes and Street Colonel Spliff (please don't forget Spliff when you talk about a Bus stage show — Spliff is more than a hype man) is that no two shows are the same. They switch it up every time I seen them. Every single time? Amazing. So often I've gone to rap concerts where I can tell you what the rapper is going to do before his own DJ can. They don't switch formats. But Bus? True MC. He changes the show up.

Last night in Manhattan, at Santos Party House, we all had a ball: Bus, Spliff, me and all the fans.

He started with straight throwback music with tracks such as "Party Is Going On ..." and a tease of "Hands Where My Eyes Can See." Then the show started. LOL. He brought out M.O.P. for "Ante Up," which is always a show highlight. We can now put "Ante Up" and the "Ante Up" remix in the hip-hop hall of fame. It's stood the test of time as an undefeated club, street and show banger!!!

Jadakiss came out later for "Respect My Conglomerate," and by that point — which was early in the show — Busta had already torn the concert down. He was in a victory lap. A long victory lap. Bus brought out Ron Browz for "Arab Money" and ended with a ("cheap") champagne toast to MySpace, which sponsored and streamed the show. His LP Back on My B.S. was officially available for sale as the clock struck waaaaay past midnight and the 20-year veteran finally strutted offstage.

"I love performing," he said in his tiny dressing room. "That's my reward."