Stephanie Pratt Shares Her Prom Photos!

Stephanie Pratt told us her fashion-forward style at her high school proms got her in trouble — and now we have photographic evidence from Stephanie herself to prove it!

She sent some photos over to MTV News. "I had really great prom memories, actually," she said. We get a glimpse of that yellow Imitation of Christ dress, which Stephanie thought was "beautiful."

(Check out all the photos here!)

And we also get to see the very low-cut black dress that got her into so much trouble back in the day, as it was deemed "too risqué" by school officials. Stephanie's defense? It was "off the runway" and "high fashion."

We also get to see Stephanie hanging out with her pre-"Hills" friends, smiling for the camera, hugging her girlfriends, hanging out in the limo and going to the various dances with the same lucky fellow. We wonder what he is up to these days, and we wonder what he thinks of his high school prom date becoming a reality-TV star.

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