'American Idol' Finale Diary: Does Alex Wagner-Trugman Get Mobbed By Fans?

It's been less than three months since Alex Wagner-Trugman was beamed into 20-plus million homes on "American Idol." The semifinalist was one of the contenders highlighted during the early — yet still highly rated — preseason "Idol" episodes. The dude got a significant amount of screen time. (No small feat, since he had to compete with Tatiana del Toro.)

While driving around with the "Idol" semifinalist, I casually asked Alex if he still gets recognized. His response?

"Let's go to the Third Street Promenade [in Santa Monica, California], and you'll see for yourself."


In Alex's defense, the trip wasn't entirely a wash. There was a group of young girls who spotted the crooner and got all Jonas Brothers fan on him. (That footage somehow got left on the cutting-room floor.) But, in all honesty, I could tell that Alex was content with his level of fame. He's part of "Idol" history, he met a cool group of friends, and he still has his life ahead of him.

As he drove me back to my rental car, I asked Alex what he wanted to do with his life. (Not nearly as intensely as the dad in that Twisted Sister music video.) Alex said he still wants to sing and perhaps pursue somewhat of an acting career. (He expressed interest in being cast as a new gladiator in the just-announced "American Gladiators" movie. His name? Thündor.) As far as immediate plans, he's looking into taking some classes with the legendary Groundlings comedy troupe, a move recommended by his "Idol" buddy Nick Mitchell (a.k.a. Normund Gentle).

A Gentle/ Wagner-Trugman collaboration? Now that I'd kill to see.

Gotta run! Getting ready for the "Idol" finale tonight. I'll be live-blogging from the press viewing party on site! So make sure you come back here before the big show starts tonight at 8 p.m. ET!