'American Idol' Finale Diary: Catching Up With Alex Wagner-Trugman

Hours after , I caught up with "American Idol" season-eight semifinalist Alex Wagner-Trugman, who kindly offered to drive me around town aimlessly while we chatted. (I guess people in L.A. do that?) Alex got a ton of screen time early in the season and accumulated a bunch of fans (including "Juno" screenwriter Diablo Cody) with his deadpan humor and shockingly soulful vocals. (Sadly, his fanbase abandoned him when he delivered an ... um ... interesting take on Elton John's "I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues.") Since "Idol," he's been chilling with his high school girlfriend and making fun online videos in which he covers tunes for his fans, most recently Spencer Pratt's rap song.

I jumped at the chance to bum around town with Alex, hoping to get some scoop on the inner-workings of "Idol." And Alex delivered, gabbing about everything from what Kris Allen's wife is like in real life to what he thinks this year's "Idol" coronation song will sound like. (Spoiler alert: It involves unicorns.)


Check back a little later to find out how long the "Idol" 15 minutes of fame lasts for an "Idol" semifinalist. Alex and I are hitting the streets to see if people recognize him.