Kanye West's Ultimate Compliment For Mr Hudson? Naming A Shoe After Him

By Steven Roberts

When Kanye West told Mixtape Monday last November that his new artist Mr Hudson could be bigger than him, I'm pretty sure most of you were like, "Who is Mr Hudson?" When we caught up with the duo on the set of Hudson's "Supernova" video, Kanye continued with the compliments, comparing Hudson to Jim Morrison and Michael Jackson, among others.

"I believe that Mr Hudson has the potential to be bigger than me," Kanye told MTV News. "It's certain artists that ... I said that when Rihanna was opening up for me. It's certain people that have the potential to take it even further."

Hudson seemed flattered but joked that he was annoyed by the pressure of the compliment. Kanye apologized, realizing the gravity of his statement. Hudson pointed out that most people don't even know who he is. They do, however, know that he has a Louis Vuitton shoe named after him.

"This is an example of the kind of thing you can't really take in," Hudson said. "It's funny going back to London. Everyone, they're coming up to me, and they're not talking about the album. They just can't wait to see this shoe that costs 1,000 pounds."

Earlier this year, Kanye announced — through a video blog and one infamous picture — that he was collaborating with Louis Vuitton to release three different shoe models. And one happened to be named after Mr Hudson.

The shoe is modeled after a boat shoe and has tassels. "It's a tangible thing for people," Hudson said of the footwear. "They don't have the new album in their hands, so they can't play it yet."