Calling All Adam Lambert And Kris Allen Fans: We Need You!

Are you a self-described Glambert?

Do you frequently use the phrase "Kick Awesome?"

Well, then you're exactly the kind of person we're looking for.

On Wednesday night, in what many are calling the most compelling finale in the show's history, "American Idol" will crown a new champion: either flashy, flame-piped Adam Lambert or soulful everyman Kris Allen. It's a battle of contrasting styles and techniques -- vocal pyromania vs. straight-to-the-heart songsmanship -- and we're waiting with baited breath to see who comes out on top.

And we're pretty you're going to be, too ... So here's what we're looking to do. On Wednesday night, as the results are read by Ryan Seacrest live on air, we want you to turn your cameras on yourselves ... we're looking for your instant reactions. The thrill of victory. The agony of defeat. Tears, screams, blood ... the more fanatic (and, in the case of the Glamberts out there, dramatic) the better. We'll collect the best and feature them right here on our Newsroom Blog.

Interested? We knew you'd be. After the jump, find out how you can submit your footage.


If, for whatever reason, you couldn't watch the above video, let me break it down for you: Film yourself watching the "Idol" results. Upload the footage to our You R Here site. We'll collect the best -- or, you know, worst -- and present them right here on Newsroom in the "Idol" aftermath. Help us create a viral sensation!

So, Glamberts, Awesomers … the ball’s in your court. We’re expecting greatness — and we’re sure you won't disappoint.