Can Kris Allen Make It To The ‘American Idol’ Finale?

It’s a tight race to the “American Idol” finale finish line. There’s no Syesha Mercado easy target here in season eight’s top three. Nope, all three contestants have viable fanbases and oodles of talent. And after watching the top three perform judges’ choice/ contestants’ choice numbers, it’s even harder to predict.

My terrible batting average hasn’t stopped me from predicting in the past (I’m 0-3 right now, aren’t I?), so let’s break down the performance show and predict whose “Idol” journey will end tomorrow night.

Check out Jim Cantiello’s video recap of tonight’s ’Idol’ episode below,
then read his predictions!


Going Home: Kris Allen
Kris delivered my favorite performance of the show. His acoustic take on Kanye West’s “Heartless” is exactly the kind of memorable, buzzworthy showstopper that has America reaching for its collective TiVo remote. However, his first performance was a depressingly average paint-by-numbers “Apologize” by OneRepublic. Kara hoped he would flip it on its head, but instead he sat behind the piano and sang it like he was reading sheet music for the first time. His piano playing was shaky. His vocals were weak. His confidence was non-existent. His chances at making it to the finale … flushed down the toilet.

Second Place: Adam Lambert
Adam took advantage of the double-song format and showcased his two sides. He won round one with a subdued version of U2’s “One,” and he closed the night with a crowd-pleasing, rip-roarin’ “Cryin’ ” by Aerosmith. But will the judges’ “you’re definitely in the finale” talk backfire and make his fans complacent? Not likely, since they’re gung-ho on not splitting their vote after Adam ended up in the bottom two a few weeks ago. (That’s bad news for Kris Allen.)

Definitely Safe: Danny Gokey
Danny’s fanbase is as massive as his ego. Plus, even I, a well-documented Anti-Gokey Crusader, felt bad for the dude when he was sacked with Paula’s ridiculous song selection. Terence Trent D’HasBeen? Really? And finally, Simon called his “You Are So Beautiful” a “vocal master class.” While I personally don’t agree with that hyperbole, I will happily admit that his rendition would definitely sell well on iTunes … if only my mother knew how to use a computer.

So there you have it, folks. Granted, my predictions typically end up being 100 percent wrong and backward, but in this case, I’d be thrilled if I were wrong.

Who do you think will be watching the Goodbye Montage come tomorrow night? Do you want a Kris/Adam finale, a Danny/Adam finale, or a Danny/Kris finale? (And, more importantly, do any of these three contestants need to win in order to have a big career?)