Justin Timberlake’s Five Best ‘SNL’ Moments

By Brian Jacks

Those who tuned in to “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend were treated to the return of Justin Timberlake, who has joined the likes of Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin as a regular host of the popular late-night series.

As in past episodes, his presence brought yet another digital short that’s setting the Internet on fire. “Motherlover” celebrated Mother’s Day as only JT and Andy Samberg could, with an ode to doing the nasty with the other’s mom.

But “Motherlover” is only one of many memorable Justin Timberlake “SNL” appearances. Here are five others that top our list.

1. “Di– in a Box” (12/16/06)
It starts out innocently enough, with Samberg toasting his girlfriend by a roaring fireplace, but it quickly devolves into one of the raunchiest, funniest skits in the history of “SNL.” The concept is simple, as Samberg and his bearded singing partner (Timberlake) spell out the easy-to-use instructions: “One, cut a hole in a box. Two, put your junk in the box. Three, make her open the box.” The result? One of the biggest viral sensations of the decade.

2. “Single Ladies” (11/15/08)
Timberlake makes a surprise guest appearance in this Paul Rudd-hosted skit featuring none other than Beyoncé. JT, Samberg and Bobby Moynihan don skintight leotards for their roles as Beyoncé’s background dancers for her “Single Ladies” music video. Expectedly, hijinks ensue as the trio get a little too up-close-and-personal for Beyoncé’s taste.

3. “Hip Hop Kids” (12/16/06)
A motivational hip-hop dance troupe is inexplicably trapped inside a cave, with only one way out: busting a move. Timberlake leads the pack of exaggerated street kids as the group, which includes Amy Poehler, tries to escape. Their numbers are quickly diminished from falling rocks and subterranean carnivores, leading to one of the skit’s classic lines: “You getting served, cave creatures!”

4. “The Barry Gibb Talk Show” (10/11/03)
In a takeoff of PBS political gabfest “The McLaughlin Group,” Jimmy Fallon plays Bee Gees frontman Barry Gibb as host of the roundtable. Joining him is a younger Timberlake in his first stint as “SNL” host, playing the part of Barry’s brother, Robin. In a glimpse of what was to come, Timberlake shows off his comedic chops with a little song and dance to balance things out.

5. “Give It on up to Homelessville” (12/16/06)
He’s donned one-piece unitards, cheesy satin suits and bell bottoms, but Timberlake’s most hilarious getup was easily in “Give It on up to Homelessville.” In the sketch, a Salvation Army Santa finds his corner hogged by none other than Timberlake dressed as a giant cup of soup. Things quickly come to blows as the two compete for donations, leading to JT exclaiming an undeniable truism: “Christmas isn’t about Santa kicking a cup of soup in the croutons.”

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