Mark Hoppus And Pete Wentz Sent Us An Octopus Drive!

… And they want us to give it away to one lucky fan.

It all started last month, when Wentz revealed to us that he and Hoppus were collaborating on a ultra-limited flash-drive that would contain remixes and other cool stuff. He said the drives would be distributed one at a time, in mysterious and creative ways. And, then on Friday, that flash drive arrived in my mailbox.

There are only 100 of these things made — Hoppus and Wentz have distributed them to their favorite people across the world, with the instructions that they must be given away — and so far, they’ve been handed out via Twitter scavenger hunts, won in raffles and, um, dug up from beneath lifeguard stands in Santa Monica.

(You can follow all the action over on the Friends Or Enemies “Octo-Drive” blog.)

And now, it’s our turn to give one away. And while we’re not going to make you follow a bunch of 140-character clues or break out the sand shovel, we are gonna do something that requires both smarts and strength (though no actual digging): We’re having a video essay contest!

Here, watch me explain the details in this video:


Okay, so if you couldn’t watch the video (or you don’t like looking at my goofy face), let me spell out the details for you: We’re looking for video essays explaining WHY you should get the Octopus Drive — the reason could really be anything, we’re not that picky — shoot ’em on your phone or web cam or whatever, and submit them to our You R Here site.

Let’s keep them to 30 seconds or less — I’m busy! — and get them in by Wednesday at midnight EST. Oh, and make sure to include some way for me to get in contact with you, too. I’ll go through the submissions and pick one lucky winner on Thursday.

With a little bit of persuasion — and some creativity — the Octopus Drive could be yours. Good luck and happy essaying!

(Oh, and thanks to the good folks at Mojo Labs for making all this flash-drive magic happen in the first place.)

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