Hey, Anna Sui: Here Are The ‘Gossip Girl’ Looks We Want To Buy

Now that Anna Sui is working on a fall line for Target inspired by “Gossip Girl,” we thought we would round up some of the chicest, and sometimes outrageous, fashions that the ladies, and one very notable gentleman, have worn (thanks to the skills of the show’s costume designer, Eric Daman) while stirring up trouble on the streets of Manhattan.

Blair Waldorf: Known for choosing sunny colors (and lots of headbands) that don’t always match her naughty attitude, Blair has that snobby, uptown look down. She exemplifies it here with a bright-green jacket paired with yellow accessories and lavender tights.

Serena van der Woodsen: Serena’s downtown yin definitely complements Blair’s uptown yang. Even though she lives on the Upper East Side, S loves to rock a relaxed chic look, like the one seen here, by pairing skinny jeans and boots with a hip T-shirt, big bag and funky necklace.

Chuck Bass: The show’s resident male fashionista/ dandy, Chuck is certainly not afraid of feminine colors. In this tuxedo look, he’s once again wearing a shade of purple and a bow tie. Chuck is certainly not Chuck without some sort of neck accessory.

Jenny Humphrey: Jenny lives in Brooklyn and is poor (relatively speaking), but the aspiring designer also has a spunky sense of fashion, which means that even when she’s in her school uniform, she’ll make it edgier with tulle and army boots.

Lily van der Woodsen: Serena had to inherit her cool sense of fashion from someone. We like when the former wild-child-turned-society-mom showed off the many elements of her personality with a demure leather dress with sequined detailing.

Although it’s a long shot, and we’d imagine that Anna is finding her muses in the show’s main characters, we’d love it if she designed a hip maid’s uniform based on Dorota.

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