The Met Costume Institute Gala’s Best And Worst Dressed

Sure, Los Angeles has the Oscars, but in New York City there’s no event quite as star-studded or fashionable as the annual Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Benefit. This year’s theme was “The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion,” which meant some celebs looked really, really beautiful … and others looked just awful.

(Check out all the looks in the gallery!)


Rihanna: Only Rihanna could pull off the grand shoulders on that tuxedo. It’s always kind of chic when a woman rocks a tux to a formal event, and it’s very Rihanna to give that look an unusual twist by pumping up the volume in the shoulder area.

Victoria Beckham: The tan aside, Posh looked, well, kind of posh in her polka-dot, asymmetrical mini dress with a train. On anyone else we’d hate it, but on Post it just worked.

Heidi Klum: She’s pregnant and she looked amazing. Embracing her new baby curves, Klum apparently figured the bigger the better when it came to her dress. But she kept it sexy by having sheer fabric show off just a little bit of skin here and there.

Jessica Alba: Jessica looked adorable in her cerulean-blue mini, with a full-on sequined top. We also love that she styled it with thick black tights, really chunky platforms and a hot pink clutch. She looked young and fresh.

Jessica Biel: Rocking red and Justin Timberlake, Jessica #2 looked pretty hot in her asymmetrical-hemline dress with bustier top. We also loved her pale-pink peep-toe platform heels.

Honorable mentions for hotness go to Ed Westwick, Joshua Jackson, Justin Timberlake (even with those glasses) and Kanye West. We love men in tuxedos.


Madonna: Um, we’re not sure where to start when it comes to Madonna’s getup, but the hemline is too short, the boots are too high, and that bunny-ear hairpiece tied around her bun is horrible. By the way, her bra is showing.

Anne Hathaway: This was the Met Gala, not an open casting call for a remake of “Valley of the Dolls.” The combination of that big hair and that napkin neckline may have been too much for our poor Anne.

Leighton Meester: Hey Leighton, there’s a rose peeking out of your sleeve. And your tights (and makeup) match your dress and they’re orange and blue and we think someone was punking you when they told you to wear that silly court-jester-looking thing. Is Georgina playing tricks on you again? We thought she found God!

Emma Roberts: Emma looked like she turned 40 just to go to this event. Plus, she looked like she couldn’t move in this red sequined mini dress that made her hips look as wide as she is tall. That’s never good.

Katy Perry: That mermaid hemline, that metal halter neckline. That color, that haircut. Enough said.

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