Did You See This?! ‘American Idol,’ Eminem, Speidi And More!

By Matt Wenzel

Matt Giraud finally had to face his fate last night on “American Idol.” Check out our recap of the show, and see how fans of Kris Allen and Adam Lambert reacted to the front-runners’ appearance in the bottom three.

Check out our analysis of the trailer for Eminem’s rather bloody upcoming “3 A.M.” video.

Heidi Montag is done shooting her music video in Mexico, and it’s time for Speidi’s honeymoon. Will they Tweet throughout that too?

Forget all the hype about Susan Boyle, we’d like to concentrate on Allison Iraheta, the original underdog with the amazing voice.

Aren’t 7-Eleven Slurpees delicious? Hmm, are they still delicious when there are Terminator robots stuck to the straws?

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