Paramore Invite Us Into The Studio!

On Monday, MTV News headed into the winding hills of Calabasas, California, to producer Rob Cavallo’s palatial estate (seriously, he’s got a regulation basketball hoop and a soft-serve machine in the garage), where Paramore are hard at work on their new album.

At first, it seemed like a rather odd place — a suburb in the middle of nowhere — for a platinum-plus rock act to be hammering away on their new album, but it seems like the surroundings have only brought out the best in the guys (and gal), judging from their sunny demeanors, lack of haggard studio beards, and, well the six brand-new songs we heard.

And while we can’t say anything about the new tunes just yet (but know that they do, in fact, rock pretty hard), we do have one rather HUGE bit of news that we can break to you: a release date for the record!

When? Well, read on to find out!

Okay, so get out your calendars. Turns out, according to the band — and confirmed by their labels, Fueled By Ramen and Atlantic — the follow-up to Riot! will be hitting stores this September.

There’s no word on a title, or a first single (though Hayley Williams did say that one of the songs we heard “sure sounds like” it’s gonna be the first one out of the gate), but fans can look forward to hearing a couple of the new songs this summer, on Paramore’s tour with No Doubt.

That’s about all we can tell you right now. But trust us, there’s going to be plenty more from our studio visit in the coming weeks, so, be on the lookout for a whole bunch of news about the new album, straight from Paramore themselves, over on

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got to get back to that soft-serve.

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