Britney Spears Fans Get Behind Pop Star’s Marilyn Manson Connection

By Nicole Guanlao

When it comes to image and musical style, Britney Spears and Marilyn Manson are on opposite ends of the spectrum. One is a pop princess who made her mark as a dancing schoolgirl in ” … Baby One More Time,” while the other is a shock rocker who wears makeup and creepy contact lenses.


A duet from these two would be odd and unlikely (which makes it genius!), but thanks to the Circus tour, Brit’s fans got pretty close to a Manson/Spears collaboration. During the concert, a video pops up on the jumbo screen of Miss Spears gyrating on a set of couches with masked men and women caressing her as she sings along to Manson’s cover of the Eurythmics classic “Sweet Dreams.” The dark rocker can’t be seen in the video, but his voice and aesthetic influence are recognizable.

Some of Manson’s videos can make Spears’ younger supporters a little scared (remember the video for “Beautiful People”?!), which begs the question: Do the screaming fans in Spears’ concerts even know who Marilyn Manson is and that he’s the artist singing in the background?

To my surprise, many of the fans we spoke to at Brit’s Pittsburgh concert knew all about Manson and his “Sweet Dreams” rendition. They were even stoked that their favorite pop star was incorporating it into her act.

“Loved it,” said Lori Barker, 30. “I love that song. I love the creepy take on it.”

Shaun Nilon, 30, even noticed the Manson connection before they showed the video! “I felt like the whole night I said to my wife, ’She must be friends with Marilyn Manson,’ because a lot of her themes seemed like they came from his music.”

Manson’s girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood, would love a real-life collaboration between these two, and I totally agree. Remember Aerosmith and Run-DMC? Why shouldn’t Manson and Spears share the stage too? Let’s merge pop and shock rock, minus the scary metal contraptions. Plus, I’m sure Brit has a dark side too. Come on, Brit-Brit: Make it happen!