Britney Spears Loses Hair Extension In Concert Snafu

Another Britney Spears concert, another YouTube moment. We've already seen her enthusiastically greet a crowd in San Jose, California, with, "What's up Sacramentoooo!," delay another concert because it was too smoky in the arena, and get caught saying embarrassing things about her lady parts on a live mic.

On Wednesday night in Oakland, California, the

Circus tour magic continued. During one song, Spears was splayed out on a chaise lounge when one of her leather-clad dancers, suspended by wires, was lowered down to pick her up for a mid-air snuggle. Only problem was that some of her hair extensions were stuck to the chair and were ripped out as Spears was lifted into the air. Had to be painful, but Britney nonetheless spun through the air with her mohawked dancer before being gently returned to Earth.

Tonight the Circus tour lands in Glendale, Arizona. No word yet if the missing extensions also made the trip.