Stephanie Pratt Reaches Her Handbag Goal Ahead Of Schedule

Kelly Cutrone swears she doesn’t really read résumés often, so you can imagine her (and our) surprise when she read Stephanie Pratt’s when she interviewed for a job at People’s Revolution. Stephanie listed her “final objective” as having a handbag line.

Although Kelly didn’t quite get why Stephanie would seek an internship at a public-relations house if she wants to get into design, Stephanie did say that by working at People’s Revolution she could learn how to brand her line. (She’s a Pratt — isn’t branding in their DNA?)

Kelly didn’t seem to like that, even though Stephanie’s handbag was a long-term goal set for, like, a decade from now. (Spoiler alert: Kelly hires Stephanie anyway.)

Well, goals have already been accomplished. When MTV News caught up with the younger Pratt sibling at an event, Stephanie showed us a sample of the handbag line she vowed to one day have, a little earlier than expected.

“I started this handbag line,” she explained. “It’s called Monroe. It took five years and now I have four samples and I don’t know what to do next.”

Maybe Kelly is right and Stephanie is actually a genius — or, maybe she actually learned a lot at People’s Revolution. But it sounds to us like she could use a good publicist. Hey, Kelly — would you be willing to take on another client?