Susan Boyle Should Forget Elaine Paige Duet, Hook Up With Katy Perry Instead

Before Susan Boyle busted into her version of “I Dreamed a Dream,” when the “Britain’s Got Talent” crowd was still laughing at her, she confessed that she wanted to be a singer in the mold of Elaine Paige, a famous British theater actress and chanteuse. We all know what happened next: Boyle blew everyone away and became an overnight, worldwide sensation.

But what most Americans didn’t know is who the heck this Elaine Paige woman is. Apparently, she’s beloved in Britain. And, according to People magazine, Paige wrote in her blog that she’d love to sing a duet with Boyle. That’s sweet and all, but if Boyle is going to make it as a recording artist in the States, she’s going to have to pick a much more well-known duet partner. We at MTV News really want Boyle to make it, so here’s our suggestion of eight artists Boyle would be wise to start crooning with.

Katy Perry: By her own admission, Boyle has never been smooched. Who better to duet with than the woman behind the international hit “I Kissed a Girl”? Hey, maybe she’d even like it.

Celine Dion: On “Larry King Live,” the newly famous Boyle belted out a goose bump-inducing version of Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” Dion, meanwhile, has a strong history of duet success, including a chart-topper with R. Kelly, “I’m Your Angel.” A Boyle/Dion collaboration screams — no, beautifully harmonizes — a Billboard hit.

Paul Potts: Potts is the original “BGT” ugly duckling. His powerful take on Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma” launched a successful career as a recording artist. It’s time for the two crooners to hook up for one night of aw-shucks, don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover inspiration. Might I suggest covering “We Are the World”?

Melinda Doolittle: This third-place finisher on the sixth season of “American Idol” was likened again and again by online haters to Shrek. Earlier this week, Rosie O’Donnell compared Boyle to the animated ogre too. Giant green beasts unite! And why not pick a track from the film itself? The Counting Crows nabbed an Oscar nomination in 2004 for “Accidentally in Love,” after all.

Usher: Let’s be honest: Being a pop star these days is inextricably tied to being a sex symbol. And maybe it’s in Boyle’s best interest to avoid appearing side-by-side with some titillating young thang like Katy Perry. Just close your eyes and imagine the utter awesomeness of Boyle onstage with Usher, taking over the chorus, “I wanna make love in this club. In this club. In this club. In this club.” Now that would be a YouTube phenomenon.

Paula Abdul: Dear “American Idol” producers: You want to invigorate your show? You want to mix things up? Here’s how you open the season finale: Abdul and Boyle onstage, rockin’ out to “Opposites Attract.” The look on Simon’s face alone would be worth a few points in the Nielsen ratings.

Jonas Brothers: OK, ignore the age difference. Ignore the difference in musical styles. Well, ignore pretty much everything and focus on one word: Disney. Grab the tween crowd, Miss Boyle, and you’ve got it made.

Madonna: After the botched adoption in Malawi and the horse-riding accident in the Hamptons, Madonna could use some good PR. Boyle, of course, could use a little public exposure with the Queen of Pop. Everybody wins!

Who would you like to hear on a track with Boyle? Sound off below!