Diddy Invites iPhone Users To Hop On His Train

Diddy iPhone App

By Daniela Capistrano

We're all about artist iPhone apps in the Newsroom — from Lil Wayne's "Be Like Lil Wayne" app to the Fray's live-concert-streaming app, we love tracking the latest features designed to entice fans.

Music mogul and new-media king Sean "Diddy" Combs wants you to get onboard Last Train to Paris with a free iPhone app designed to build anticipation for the September 22 release of his new album.

Diddy's new app will aggregate all of his various social-networking profiles and bring news directly to his fans via his integrated Twitter feed, a feature (right now) that most artists don't provide. And, similar to Fall Out Boy's and the Fray's apps, "LTTP" allows fans to upload their favorite photos to a fan site through their iPhone. His twist on this now standard functionality is that instead of sharing concert photos of the artist, fans are asked to submit photos of themselves and their friends, particularly photos of their travels.

Selected content contributed by the Diddy community will be included on the final album's Mosaic app, which will be released this summer. Users will be able to get to know other Diddy fans by zooming in on and manipulating photos, while claiming their own piece of the LTTP album cover.

It may not have games or tour updates, but his "keep it simple" concept is a shrewd move. By crowd-sourcing fan content to populate his Mosiac album cover, he is creating a strong motivation for dedicated fans to get the next app and check out the album.

We'll let you know when the Diddy's Mosaic is released, and stay tuned for more iPhone app reviews and exclusives!