Did Zac Efron Ruin His Career At Disney Forever?

Zac Efron hosted "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, and if you were one of the few who didn't fall asleep or change the channel during the terrible Gilly sketch, you caught a smart, angry and subversive send-up of the "High School Musical" series.

Biting the hand that (corn) feeds him, Zac ripped into the Disney movies that made him a star, playing Troy Bolton as an outcast college student who returns to East High's graduation to give a coronation speech the students will never forget: "Here's the deal. No one sings at college!"

The sketch touched on all the cartoony aspects of the popular flicks: the fact that the East High basketball team might be the worst ballplayers aside from the Knicks, the way the school curriculum focuses on self-esteem instead of state capitals, and the way characters always project their voices and cheat toward the camera.

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"I'm a year out of high school and my life's over," Troy lamented. "I have no education, people think I'm weird, I don't know how to express myself except in song. I have nowhere to turn!"

Things went from playful to shockingly vicious when a recently thawed Walt Disney arrived to tell Troy he could stay at East High forever, in between making nasty digs at Lindsay Lohan and uttering anti-Semitic remarks.

Seriously. Zac Efron was in a sketch that portrayed Walt Disney, the founder of the company that made him a superstar, as an anti-Semite. In terms of things you shouldn't do to your boss, going on national television and implying he's bigoted is right up at the top of list, next to kidnapping his daughter or having sex in his office (or kidnapping his daughter in order to have sex with her in his office).

So is Zac done with Disney forever? Was this his way to say he's through with the Mickey Mouse club? And is Disney ever going to employ him again? Or do you think they have a sense of humor about their creator?

In any case, the sketch gave me a newfound respect for Zac Efron, who might be the biggest badass on the planet right now. I just hope for his career's sake that "17 Again" is a runaway hit, because I'm not so sure Disney's going to want to hire him again.

What did you think of Zac's send-up of "High School Musical"?