Flo Rida Wants You To Give Him A Call — No, Really!

by April Richardson

Flo Rida really appreciates his fans — so much so that during a recent CNN interview, the rapper gave out his personal cell-phone number on air, inviting them to get in touch.

This was no accident. Flo looked straight into the camera and offered the number: (305) 528-2786. When the reporter asked how many phone calls and text messages he answered on average, he responded, “About 30 percent.”

When we tried to call the number from our MTV Newsroom phone — I was looking forward to asking if his refrigerator was running or if Ben Dover was there — we got a message saying the mailbox was full. Bummer. Maybe Pete Burns from Dead or Alive saw the CNN interview and left a bunch of messages asking if he could join the rapper onstage during “Right Round”? He needs the work.

Anyway, we’ll try to ring him again later.