Jim Jones Tweets About His Traffic-Ticket Arrest

Jim Jones was arrested last night in Teaneck, New Jersey, for an outstanding unpaid traffic ticket from 2005 — for $120. The Diplomat Capo talked about being stopped by police, arrested and taken down to the station on his Twitter page.

“Well it didn’t go the way I wanted,” he Tweeted. “I’m in the precinct but I still have my phone. They ain’t trippin’. They said just procedure.”

Jones, who put out his Pray IV Reign LP a couple of weeks ago, had more than enough to pay his fine in cash and was back on the streets in his black Bentley in no time. He didn’t seem stressed out in his Tweets.

“Once again I twitted when I got pulled over on Mon and now its all over the news and newspapers in NJ,” he posted on his page today. “Sheeesh. Can’t do nothin right lol. Love it.”