Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: JMJ's Friend Reports From The Show

Minutes after Run-DMC were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tonight, we got an e-mail from Eric "Shake" James, one of the late Jam Master Jay's closest friends, who was at the ceremony in Cleveland:

To me this is the greatest night in hip-hop!!! Run-DMC in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, wow! Remember the "King of Rock" video? "You don't belong here; this is for rock stars only." Now we're here, and we do belong!!!

Even though my best friend in the world, Jason Mizell, couldn't be here, I look up in the sky and feel him smiling and watchin' down!!! 1st to go gold, 1st on MTV and still making moves!! I see his boys, and I know he'd be (and is) so proud of them and his wife, Terri!!!! What an honor this is!!! We love and miss you, Jason!!!