Michelle Obama's Top-Five Outfits From The First Couple's European Trip

By Kathleen Newman-Bremang

Barack who? The coverage of the president's first overseas trip has been all about Michelle Obama. The always-fashionable first lady's bold wardrobe choices are causing a media blitz and taking us back to the days of Jackie Kennedy.

Mrs. O's J.Crew style has become breaking news. Headlines now read: "Michelle Obama Wears Purple!" Forget about the recession — the real question is: What color cardigan is Michelle going to rock next?

We all know the first lady's expertise goes beyond her penchant for putting together great outfits, but her fearless and fun wardrobe choices are stealing headlines overseas. So, in honor of these classic style choices, we thought we'd bring you our top-five favorite looks from the first lady's European visit:

1. During an official presidential visit to 10 Downing Street in London, Michelle stole the spotlight from the British PM's wife with a pale-green high-waisted skirt paired with a bedazzled cream cardigan.

2. When the Obamas arrived in London and stepped off Air Force One, let's just say no one was looking at Barack. Mrs. Obama showed off her casual, chic style with a yellow knee-length dress and belted long black cardigan.

3. We can't forget about Michelle's signature pearls. The first lady jazzed up her favorite accessory with a bright blue dress and a matching argyle cardigan.

4. It was a good old-fashioned First Lady Face-Off when Michelle Obama went head-to-head with France's Carla Bruni. I swear I'm not being biased, but — hands down — Michelle won.

5. Fierce! Have I said that already? Michelle took it to another level with the fitted fuchsia short-sleeve dress she donned following a visit with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Germany. Tyra would be proud!

Honorable mention: I just had to point out the little black dress Michelle wore today in Germany during the NATO summit. Mrs. Obama proved she does simple and elegant better than anyone!