New York's New Topshop: Report From The Ground

By Angelique Smith

Talk about leg work! I stood in the line wrapped around Broome and Broadway, anticipating the opening of Topshop for about an hour yesterday. Brushing economic misery aside, my fellow shoppers and I chatted about our excitement, despite the store's twice delayed opening. Many wanted to get a feel for the prices; some wanted to dive head-first into the loud music and bold British fashions.

Several people were holding on tight to the gift cards that had been handed out all over the city, stuffed in a canvas bag filled with more Topshop goodies, prior to the grand opening. Some of the cards were worth up to $500, some just $5, but the catch was that they were only redeemable on the day of the opening.

So, there I was, finally at the door, stepping into the first American branch of the store. This 100-year-old building in SoHo was renovated into a four-story mayhem of sequence, feathers, floral prints, zippers, stilettos, leather, denim and fringes: every girl's dream. I have never seen such British bling in the hands of New York shoppers. I must say, this glam-o-house was worth the wait and all the hype.

While many were disappointed in their $10 gift cards after an hourlong wait, I took my $5 gift card, added to my 10 percent student discount (available for all students, all year), and walked out with a reduced-priced black sweater with leather patches and fringes — the next best thing in my closet from the next best place to shop in the Big Apple.