It's (Not) Official: Most Britney Spears Fans Prefer Her Older Hits!

By Ashley Mastronardi

Britney rocked Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena last week with a nice mix of new songs like "Womanizer" and classic hits like " ... Baby One More Time" and "Toxic." Although the crowd went wild for almost every song, we figured that her die-hard fans must have their all-time favorites.

"I don't even care ... it's Britney! Any song is amazing," fan Emily McCalmont said.

But other fans did care, and there seemed to be a split among old-school fans and new ones. Stephanie Morgan, 24, was looking forward to hearing Brit perform " ... Baby One More Time" because, as she said, "It's time to bring the old stuff back!" Copley Fry, however, is a fan of "If U Seek Amy," because "it's her best new song." Another fan chimed in, "It's naughty and great to work out to!" 

But according to our unscientific poll in which we questioned 100 random fans at the Pittsburgh concert, it's all about old-school "Toxic." The crowd went nuts when this song came on, and the majority of the people I spoke to said it was their favorite.

Here are the rest of the results:

"Toxic" - 16 percent

"Circus" - 15 percent

"If U Seek Amy" - 14 percent

"Slave" - 9 percent

"Womanizer" - 8 percent

"Gimme More" - 6 percent

"Piece of Me" - 6 percent

" ... Baby One More Time" - 5 percent

"Oops! ... I Did it Again" - 5 percent

"Kill the Lights" - 4 percent

"Stronger" - 4 percent

"Lucky" - 3 percent

"Me Against the Music" - 2 percent

"Break the Ice" - 2 percent

"Sometimes" - 1 percent