Kim Stolz Fulfills Lifelong Dream With Stevie Nicks Interview

When I started as a VJ at mtvU three years ago, my father asked me what my one dream interview would be — the one interview that I couldn't leave MTV without doing. My answer was Stevie Nicks.

On Wednesday night, I spent 30 minutes with her in the presidential suite of New York's Waldorf Towers, and asked her all of the questions that have been burning inside me since the first time I listened to Stevie Nicks' voice. I was 5, we had just moved into a new house, and my dad — a big fan as well — put on Fleetwood Mac’s self-titled 1975 album. Since then, being that it was 21 years ago, my questions have matured from "Who is Rhiannon?" — not that that isn't an interesting question in itself, but suffice it to say that I could have spent hours and hours with her and still had more to ask. But, hey, I was grateful for my 30 minutes (which was originally supposed to be 15!). Oh and she fulfilled another lifelong dream of mine — twice during the interview, Stevie actually sang a few stanzas to me.

Having seen or read virtually every interview she's ever done, my intention was to do my best to ask her questions that she had never answered before on the record. Of course we grazed familiar subjects, such as the state of today's music industry — Stevie hates the Internet and calls downloads "the end." Naturally, I joked that we'd never see a Stevie Nicks Twitter account. Her response? "You'll never see a Stevie Nicks Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or anything else because I think it's cheap and sleazy and I hate it!"

In fact, one of the reasons she decided to come out with her Live in Chicago DVD, which was released Tuesday, is that she wants today's "kids" to see a real concert. Personally, I think we could all use one.

Now, if you're a big fan of Stevie Nicks, you've probably heard rumors that Prince had some serious involvement in Stevie's hit "Stand Back." Over the past few years, I've searched for the answer to this question and never found it. So, I decided to ask her to tell me the story — no one tells a better than Stevie, click on the link above for the full details!

We also addressed the misperception that arguably her biggest hit, "Landslide," was about her father, Jess. "We like to let Jess think it was about him. It really was never about my dad." However, as Stevie told me, the song is actually about Lindsey Buckingham — isn't everything? — she said, "It was about me, and Lindsey's and my relationship. It was about our musical relationship, and if we're going to continue or not, and whether or not the music was important enough to throw ourselves back into it."

Speaking of Lindsey, she and I got into a serious conversation about their relationship, both romantically and personally, about his "safe life" now and how she loves his kids. However, a more candid part of our conversation included her telling me. "I see him every night" (she meant spiritually, not literally).

We'll have more from my interview in the coming days, including her answer to the most burning question of all: "Is it really over between her and Lindsey?" Yes, I got an answer, but you'll have to wait ...