Preview Ebony Bones' 'The Musik' Video

Ebony Bones By Daniela Capistrano

We recently caught up with globetrotter and stage siren Ebony Bones after her triumphant return to SXSW, where she met with the winners who participated in our W.A.R.R.I.O.R. contest.

Currently touring with synth-rockers Passion Pit, Ebony gave us the scoop on her upcoming debut album, now officially called Bone of My Bones. For Ebony — whose moniker was inspired by comic book character Mr. Bones — using a biblical reference from the book of Genesis as her album title holds personal meaning:

"Bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh, she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man."

"It fit perfectly," Bones explained. "It's raw and abrasive and, like Adam to Eve, this entire album feels like an extension of me. I'm ridiculously excited about it."

Fellow Brits can purchase Bone of My Bones in June but citizens of the States will have to wait a bit longer, with a release timed for early fall.

Thankfully, her first U.K. single, "The Musik," will be out in May and we have a preview for you right here:


(Find out how 20 cities and 30 directors contributed to "The Musik," after the jump!)

When Ebony Bones set to create a collaborative video with fans for her upcoming single "The Musik," she wasn't prepared for the overwhelming amount of footage that rolled in.

"[We received tape] from Brooklyn to Brazil — it took forever to sift through everything," she said.

Inspired by the idea of an abstract collaboration with "a collective of like-minded individuals all galvanized by music," "The Musik" is represented by 30 directors from all across the globe, armed with nothing more than a camera phone or digicam and a lot of imagination.

Very much a DIY artist (she's still her own stylist and recorded several tracks for Bone Of My Bones in her bedroom), the singer was pleased with how the production process for "The Musik" brought her closer to fans.

"I was corresponding with everyone directly," she said, "and it really felt like I got to know everyone who'd contributed."

Bones describes the video for "The Musik" as having nothing shiny or glossy about it.

"There's a magical perfection in its imperfection. It's a bit strange at times ... like a bunch of people in on No Pants Day dancing in the snow in their underwear ... but there's no beauty without strangeness."

Speaking of beauty, the eclectic fashionista is aware of her trend-inspiring threads but doubts that "the world really needs another singer assuming everyone wants to dress and smell like them." A geek at heart, Ebony would rather produce a range of fancy USB sticks.

"I've been approached about a few campaigns, so who knows? It's nice, but right now my entire energy is invested in getting the music heard."