Kate Moss Introduces Topshop To The States

By Kathleen Newman-Bremang

Good things come from Britain — Duffy, Adele, Robert Pattinson and now, London street style has finally hit Broadway. Topshop is here!

Calm down, ladies (and gentlemen): The wait is over. Fashionistas all over the city have been salivating in anticipation of the opening of the NYC flagship store. The British retailer (think H&M meets Zara, but better) is known in the U.K. for offering an affordable — but just as stylish — alternative to high-priced designers.

Topshop enlisted the help of model Kate Moss to mark the Manhattan debut. The supermodel teamed up with Arcadia Group chairman Sir Philip Green this morning to help celebrate the store's opening. The duo browsed the store and showed off all the pretty clothes.


Aside from that recognizable pout and notoriously slim figure, Moss is famous for her unmistakable style. Now we can all dress like Moss. Score! The model is bringing her British flavor to the masses with her very own headline label for Topshop. Don't worry: We're sure the line comes in sizes that will fit the rest of us.

Moss swears the line consists of stuff she'd actually wear. "It's what I like, it's the dream thing that I say, 'Oh, I want a dress that I can throw on the beach and still look glamorous,' but it's not a big number, but I still feel sexy," Moss told The Associated Press at the opening.

Moss also shared why she decided to turn her passion for fashion into a business endeavor. "I love fashion," she said. "I think I loved it before I started modeling, and I always used to go into my mum's wardrobes and clear out flares and cut them up and make them into skirts. And I've always just really liked it and dressing up and I dress up my friends and we all dress up and that's fun. I just think it's fun."

The Topshop store is massive. It spans four floors and even includes a DJ booth hanging from the ceiling, because there's nothing like jamming to suspended beats while you're browsing for new jeans. The NYC store is just the first of up to 15 they plan to open in the U.S. Watch out, H&M: Topshop's coming for your costumers!